Ratings Key

10 Finger Pour

This one makes it onto the deserted island with me. One of the best whiskies I’ve ever tasted. Go out and buy it right now. No, seriously. Right now.

9 Finger Pour

Exceptional experience. There's very little about this you won't love. By all means, buy it. You won't regret this investment in yourself.

8 Finger Pour

This one met my expectations (which were high). An enjoyable spirit that you should absolutely enjoy drinking and sharing. You won't go wrong pulling this one off the shelf.

7 Finger Pour

Exceeded my expectations (which maybe were not as high as they should have been) so, by all means, buy it. But there's something here that prevents it from being a top-tier whisky.

6 Finger Pour

At its base, I'd say it's a decent effort and I don't see any problem with giving it a try.

5 Finger Pour

It's not bad, but it's not great. If you can get a good deal on it then you got a good deal on it but remember that this has landed in the lower half of the ratings.

4 Finger Pour

It's drinkable (if your choices are limited) but there's something not working quite right here. Maybe a few more years in the barrel will help. And I'd wait until then.

3 Finger Pour

Unfortunately, it met my expectations (which, in this case, were not very high). Overall, a disappointing pour. You can do better. You should do better.

2 Finger Pour

This one missed the mark big time. Not recommended for drinking straight. Unless you're just using it as a mixer in cocktails, I'd reach up a shelf or two.

1 Finger Pour

Look, there's no other way to put it. Just avoid this one entirely. Unless it's a gift for your cheating ex.

Review Guide

The purpose of reviews on this site is to share experiences, discover new tastes, and start a dialogue. All opinions are my own and they are just that - opinions. Yours may differ and that's OK. I look forward to learning along the way, as much as anything.

Unless otherwise stated, all spirits reviewed on this site are from my personal collection and were paid for by me. With the exception of any that may have been gifts from my wonderful wife.

I believe that whisky should be allowed to breathe and open up before drinking. I agree with master distiller Jim McEwan who advocates letting a whisky sit for one minute for every year of its age. Unless I’m in a bar with friends (where it may not be socially acceptable to let a dram just sit there) I generally give most whiskies 15-20 minutes in the glass to come in contact with the air and open up before I begin my tasting review.

Although I believe strongly that a bit of water opens up unlocked flavors in a whisky, I usually don’t add water to a whisky below 50% ABV since it’s had less of its water content evaporated and is usually not in need of more additives. The exception is when I encounter a lower ABV spirit that feels like something is hiding just under the surface and needs a little push.

I strive to make my video reviews as concise and to-the-point as possible. I love watching video reviews that others from around the world have put together and I certainly learn a great deal from them. But the problem with mixing whisky and video is that people love to talk and that’s great if you have a half hour or more to devote to a review. Everyone’s time is valuable and I believe there is value in brevity.

Every attempt has been made to ensure my written reviews are written sober. But no promises are made.